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Money without having to attend a bank branch or a financial company. Exactly such a loan option brings you a Depal loan that is available 365 days a year. The Depal Czech provider is part of an international group operating in eight other countries. Depal, this is primarily a guarantee of professional services, high personal data protection, and acceptable interest rates. The maximum amount available is CZK 19,000 with a maturity of three months.

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You can tell the money by the simplest way the online payday loan form represents- Get Money Fast! The clearance and subsequent approval are in the order of minutes as well as the payment of money. No unnecessary administration, the loss of precious time, and similar mischiefs.

Extending the due date

The Depal loan will conquer you with its flexibility and versatility. It is also contemplated that customers will not be able to pay off their commitments on time. In such a case, there is a possibility to extend the payment deadline for a period of five to thirty days. Do not leave your finances at the freezing point and sacrifice this step for just 10 minutes. Try how a short-term solution works from Depal Czech.

Payout table

The amount of the loan Repayment period Charge Interest* RPSN * Total *
CZK 1,000 5 days 328.5% 2385.93% 1 045 Kč I am interested in
3 000 CZK 15 days 328.5% 2078.88% 3 405 CZK I am interested in
5 000 CZK 30 days 328.5% 1732.08% 6 350 CZK I am interested in
10 000 CZK 60 days 328.5% 1732.09% CZK 14,202.41 I am interested in
13 000 CZK 90 days 328.5% 1732.09% 20 541,08 CZK I am interested in

Loan amount: CZK 1,000 Repayment time: 5 days Fee: – Interest *: 328.5% RPSN *: 2385.93% Total *: 1 045 CZK I am interested in Loan amount: CZK 3,000 Repayment time: 15 days Fee: – Interest *: 328.5% RPSN *: 2078.88% Total *: 3,405 I am interested in Loan amount: CZK 5,000 Repayment time: 30 days Fee: – Interest *: 328.5% RPSN *: 1732,08% Total *: 6 350 CZK I am interested in Loan amount: CZK 10,000 Repayment time: 60 days Fee: – Interest *: 328.5% RPSN *: 1732,09% Total *: 14,202.41 CZK I am interested in Loan amount: CZK 13,000 Repayment time: 90 days Fee: – Interest *: 328.5% RPSN *: 1732,09% Total *: 20 541,08 CZK I am interested in

Depal loan of CZK 7,000 with a maturity of 30 days. If you use such a solution, consider the borrowing rate of 0.90% per day and the APR 1 732.08%. After thirty days, you will have to refund the company the amount of CZK 8,890, ie a surcharge of CZK 1,890.

frequent questions

Is it possible to repay the loan prematurely? Yes, Depal allows. In addition to the total early repayment of the debt, there are also extra payments that can be used. This enables you to save on total credit costs. How to extend the due date? Simply sign up for a company’s website under your own username and choose the appropriate extension date from 5 to 30 days. What if I want to withdraw from a contract? Withdrawal from the contract is possible without giving any reason within 14 days. Subsequently, the company must return its money within 30 days. Loan Amount 1,000 – 13,000 CZK Maturity 5 – 90 days Interest from 328.5% RPSN from 1732.08%.